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End large apartment complex discrimination against low income tenants

I am a disabled person who was just given a section 8 voucher and I am being unfairly discriminated against by apartment complexes in Raleigh, NC who are seeking to not rent to low income people. Just this week I contacted eight apartment complexes advertising on Five of the eight confirmed that they don't accept low income section 8 vouchers for the elderly or disabled while the remaining three didn't even bother to reply. Because North Carolina lacks a state law prohibiting apartment complexes from discriminating against the poor (Unlike MD, CT and MA), every complex discriminates by refusing them housing. The only complexes that take them are poor quality, high crime, overpriced low income housing with no amenities. The three states above have recognized that this discrimination is reprehensible and enacted these laws. This needs to be done in the remaining 47.

Some of the specific apartment management companies contacted who discriminate against low income section 8 tenants are:

  Trademark Properties.  Village of Pickwick in Raleigh, NC.

  Northland Investment Corporation.  Governor's Point in Raleigh, NC.

  Bennington Woods Apartments.  Cary, NY.

  Bell Apartment Living.  Walnut Creek.  Raleigh, NC.

  Cary Pines.   Cary, NC.

Please contact these companies and let them know that you disagree with this practice which harms the elderly and disabled.

After signing this petition write to your local state senator and congressmen and demand that they sponsor a bill to end discrimination against section 8 tenants by mandating a certain amount of units be available to them.

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