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To ban eterni, EU ranked troll/player

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I just wanted to do something about this, it doesnt matter if they dont ban him, but we're protesting at least. This is a public and permanent report for his behaviour.

I dont think we need an explanation for this guy, but I'll share a short one: he is an instalocker middle player, who doesnt comunicate in lobby or during the game. He just instalocks, ignoring pick order, and the only thing he will do in game is call f6 if someone gets red. He oftens disconnects (dc's) to make you lose faster, but he always reconnects. He wont dc if you have surrender avalaible ofc, he's not that stupid.

This is a link in a forum from 2014

This is a youtube video from 2015, a parody:

Sign here for a change, make Smite Ranked Conquest great again haha



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