A Plea for Small Business in Canada

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Let’s demand action and support. 

This isn’t about just the restaurant industry. This is about all small businesses that attempt to put something out into the world and create relationships, connection and community. We all do it in our own way and we are proud of all of you. Share your story and raise your voice.


An Open Letter to All Levels of Government,

I am a cook, host, busser, occasional plumber, uncertified electrician and dishwasher (amongst other roles). Occasionally I get to be a friend and mentor or “play” accountant and manager. I employ roughly 70 incredible full time/part time people in Calgary, AB (but they don’t necessarily work for me since it is the restaurant industry and we all work together). 

Our restaurant isn’t unique or special. We are a humble diner that knows many of our guests by name. Our guests have grown as we have grown. We have hosted weddings, celebrations of life, countless birthdays and many more occasions. Those occasions are always special, but I have to say that the things I enjoy most are the day to day engagement and relationship we get to have with so many. A quiet conversation over a cup of coffee, big belly laughs with friends the morning after a night out, or generations of families coming in for brunch that just didn’t  “have the time". 

We get to be a part of our guests lives for a portion of their day. We get to provide them with an opportunity to relax and connect. They didn’t necessarily come in because they were hungry we know that was just the excuse. We as an industry are more than happy to provide it.

We are the Canadians that fell in love with an industry. We fell in love with cooking and nourishing peoples soul. We fell in love with long days and sometimes longer nights to provide an experience to our guests. We fell in love so much that some of us went to banks and signed away our future with the hope of sharing our passions.

We are sometimes the first or last resort of employment for new Canadians, students, single parents or those like me that just didn’t fit somewhere else. We as an industry thrive on diversity and we welcome those people into our world with open arms. We are a meritocracy. If you can do the job, you can do the job! We don’t care what your sexual orientation, skin color, religious views or social background is. 

Do you love serving people and brightening their day? Do you love to bake bread or want to share a dish that your grandparents taught you to make? Perfect. You start tomorrow.

Canadians working in the hospitality industry and the numerous ancillary industries in its supply chain need support. We support and utilize local farmers and butchers, cleaning companies, wineries, breweries, coffee roasters and the list goes on and on. We are so damn connected its amazing. 

We are as large in number, if not larger than the Aerospace Industry, Dairy, Auto or Oil & Gas. We span the nation truly from Coast to Coast to Coast and are not represented by the lines on the map. Will we receive the financial support we need when this crisis is over?

To my fellow industry friends and colleagues: Let us collectively raise our voices and be heard. Share your story and passion as so many of you do every day.

With so much love,

Ryan Turbide
Owner - Diner Deluxe Restaurants
Calgary, AB