Deduction under IT Section 80DDb

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Under IT rules  80DDb, deductions from income is permitted if one is suffering from certain specific diseases.The following diseases specified under rule 11DD qualify for tax deduction u/s 80DDB. However, the prescription in respect of the diseases or ailments is required from the specialists as mentioned below:

Neurological diseases where the disability level has been certified (prescription issued by Neurologist having ‘Doctorate of Medicine’ degree or equivalent qualification) to be of 40% and above:Dementia
Dystonia Musculorum Deformans
Motor Neuron Disease
Parkinsons Disease
Malignant Cancers (prescription issued by Oncologist having Doctorate of Medicine degree or equivalent qualification)
Full Blown Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) (prescription issued by any specialist having a post-graduate degree in General or Internal Medicine or equivalent qualification)
Chronic renal failure (prescription issued by a Nephrologist / Urologist having Doctorate of Medicine degree or equivalent qualification)
Hematological disorders (prescription issued by a Hematologist having Doctorate of Medicine degree or equivalent qualification):Hemophilia
However, the above list does not include very common ailment-CARDIOVASCULAR diseases that are more prevalent amongst most senior citizens undergoing treatment.. I tried to pursue Govt of India but it did not heed to. It is therefore appealed to sign the petition