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I am a 9th grader that has always enjoyed learning new things. But within my last few school years I've been learning about the same people. Every year that I have been in school I have taken the time to learn about many white males that have made a difference in society. I think that our school systems should take the time to teach our students about Blacks and Hispanics who have made a change too. Some schools do mention a few people, but every year we learn about the same people. Many people don't even know when Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated (September 15 - October 15). And no I didn't learn that in school I Googled it! Make a change and sign please.

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All ethnicities deserve to be recognized in school every year. Change our school systems. Teach our children Black history during Black History Month and Hispanic history during Hispanic Heritage month instead of reviewing the same icons every 3 years.

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