Equal rights to teachers of all races to be able to teach abroad

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Most schools in Europe and North America are not giving a chance / refusing to take in teachers from certain races. (Eg Indians). I speak from experience, because my mom has applied for countless schools abroad, and they either interview her, tell her it's looking hopeful, and just don't give her an update for weeks. When she finally asks, they say, 'oh, we're sorry, but someone else fit the expectations.' Or, they just ignore the email application. Sometimes, it even says that the requirements to be able to get this job is to be from America, Ireland, and the UK Now, it might just be more convenient and easier to find people in your own country, but all I'm asking is to give other teachers a chance. It's basic human rights to be able to do your job without being excluded JUST because of your nationality. It breaks my heart to see my mom and other teachers CONSTANTLY getting rejected because of this. This racism really shatters some people's self esteem. I just want there to be no racism AT LEAST for getting a job! I just want no racism. We Indians are not illiterate. We are not what you think we are. We are so much more. Just, please, give us a chance and we'll show you that we can really do this! We really can!