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School Dinners.

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If social media can be relied upon, it would appear that the government is considering stopping school dinners for children whose parents are receiving Universal Credit.

I remember when the government decided to sadly cut the children's bottles of milk from schools in the 1970’s. For growing children, this was an important source of food and even more so for those children that were from families who struggled with the expense of living. Aside from the protein and calcium that milk provided to us, it was also an excellent means of developing early social skills between children and also helped to install the the wonderful art of giving to others.

The issue is that children simply don't have a voice. They won’t come home and tell their parents how hungry they are because the government stopped school dinners. And how many busy parents actually want to take up the gauntlet to fight against this looming travesty.

It’s also totally counter productive.
The government tells us consistently about the pitfalls of salt and sodium, fatty foods, sugary products, type 2 diabetes etc and all the evils of “fast” food and how much it is costing the economy and in the long term how obesity is hugely expensive to the NHS. Yet to take away wholesome dinners for children will undoubtably lead them to coming home and snacking on the very things the government wants them to stop eating!
It might save money in the short term, but it will also inadvertently train children in to snacking and eating wrongly and this in itself will lead to unhealthy choices that we all want to avoid.

And let’s not forget that it will be our children, our generation, that will be required to protect and act as stewards for our world. It’s already those children that are reminding us to correctly re-cycle, it’s our children that watch the environmental programmes, that teach us how to behave to our world and not destroy it.

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