SADC tell Robert Mugabe to RESIGN !!!!!!!✊✊✊

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Recently Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe was called to resign by mass protests by Zimbabwean citizens in Bulawayo and Harare in Zimbabwe after a military intervention in the country. As a family of Africans who all share a common heritage with borders based on the ignorance of colonisers, we are concerned and have united in purpose to push the popular sentiment of Zimbabweans.

Robert Mugabe's government has since it's early years been one that has ignored the rights of citizens to freely express dissent, had opposers met with brutal force. It also has rigged elections twice. The pain of Zimbabweans from Mugabe's actions is not far from their mouths. Whether they are in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi or Botswana the story is the same; this story of sycophants corruptly getting farms, money without working for it, Gucci Grace's esquapades in foreign malls and President's love for expensive mansions while the country spirals into economic disaster (from lack of fiscal discipline) only rivaled to Venezuela. Mugabe is corrupt and we can not defend him.

The calls for constitutionalism  are valid but hypocritical because in the times Mugabe's regime broke its own constitution by destroying property of citizens; killing, beating and torturing voters of opposition and the Gukurahundi genocide no president in SADC ever called for constitutionalism then when Zimbabwe's constitution provides protection of human rights. So why call for constitutionalism now?President Robert Mugabe is indefensible and the violence mentioned above is enough reason to not defend him.

We demand that all presidents of member states of SADC rebuke President Mugabe and call for his resignation and commend President Khama for already doing so. We demand that all SADC member states let Zimbabwe sort its own internal affairs and work with whoever is in charge of the next government. We demand SADC recognise the military's actions as legitimate and not call it a coup.

Let us stand on the right side of history and Pan Africanism and defend the interests of our kin in Zimbabwe!

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