Teen Titans (Original) Season 6 Petition For RobinxRaven To Become Canon

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Note: Here is a quick message for RobRae Shippers and/or other Teen Titans fans who are interested in signing this petition. If you want RobRae to become canon then PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNING THIS PETITION. Signing it will heavily increase the chance of the Respective Owners and Creators of Teen Titans to listen to us.

  Robin's and Raven’s relationship grew throughout the first four seasons, and its growth seemed so natural. These great moments between both created an idea of a ship in our minds. Nowadays, our community, like their relationship has also grown.

  With that being said, we have many people who believe that Robin and Raven should take that next step in their relationship. Many believe that RobinxRaven should be canon. All we ask for is to continue their relationship where it left off in Season 5 and where it sank in Trouble in Tokyo.

  We know that some of the cast originally shipped RobRae and wanted to make it happen. They're fans! just like us! But ultimately, pressure was applied to make RobinxStarfire canon, in a cheesy and corny buildup. We feel that’s a shame that the show’s progress was controlled by outside sources rather than being allowed to evolve as you meant it to, but since the previous 'fan-service' was done then why not do it again?

  In conclusion, this petition offers a request to continue Robin's and Raven's relationship in the original show, taking it from platonic to romantic. We say 'original' Tv show because movies are often considered non-canon to them and only out there for entertainment.

AGAIN, PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNIN' THIS PETITION. Because good things should never get left behind...

Best regards,

Moussa Bayou & William Greenly