Take my safe-driving pledge to make Indian roads safer, more disciplined

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Accidents/fatalities on Indian roads are the highest in the world. This petition, timed with Road Safety week, is a desperate plea to all road-users in India. It is different from other petitions where signatures are collected to push for action from decision-makers. This petition seeks the action from YOU. Please sign this petition, if you would like less accidents and smoother traffic with only a little extra effort from your side, only after reading the full petition, so that your signature directly translates to a positive difference on our roads. The more people who live out the pledge in this safe-driving petition, the safer our roads become. Added benefit: everyone moves faster too.

Many are dissatisfied with the current status but believe that they can do nothing. That is not true. Change agents on our roads can slowly transform them, so let us each do our bit to bring safety, order and courtesy back to our roads. Besides following every rule ourselves, let’s spread the fever of strict road discipline, be it to drivers, family members, neighbours, etc – the need of the hour with so many educated drivers blatantly breaking rules. The result will be less accidents, smoother traffic. Safe drivers, safer roads.

Please sign my petition once you are committed to follow every point below, and help actively spread this campaign for safer roads. Together, we can make a difference!

I pledge to make our roads safer and more disciplined by strictly practising the following:

1. I will never over-speed, drive dangerously or weave in and out of traffic and always slow down when approaching any junction.

2. I will respect traffic signals – slow down on yellow, complete halt at red and never ever dash through a red-light.

3. I will never drive under the influence of alcohol.

4. I will never let a mobile phone distract my driving (by calling, texting, answering or even glancing at it while driving, for just 2 seconds of missed eye-contact is all it takes to kill someone). If urgent, I will pull over when safe after signalling.

5. I will never drive on the wrong side of a road or take U-turns before a roundabout or drive on a pavement or take any shortcut that breaks traffic rules.

6. I will always use seat belts/helmets while driving, and encourage all passengers to do so, understanding this can save lives during accidents.

7. I will strictly follow lane driving, use indicators especially for careful lane-changing when required, overtake only from the right and not block faster traffic by driving slowly in the fast lane.

8. I will respect rights of pedestrians and stop before a zebra crossing, never on it.

9. I will respect rights of other commuters and give right of way: a) to traffic from right, b) to traffic exiting a roundabout, c) to traffic on the larger road, d) to traffic in oncoming free lane in case my lane is blocked and always yield to ambulances, fire or emergency vehicles.

10. I will respect rights of non-motorised transport, be it pedestrians, cyclists, carts, etc. highly vulnerable to accidents, ensuring they are not at risk by my careless driving.

11. I will drive with special precaution near children, elders or differently-abled and slow down to allow them safe passage.

12. I will never use high-beam within city limits, realising it can blind other drivers.

13. I will not allow underage driving by anyone in my family, understanding this may cause loss of life.

14. I will show patience avoiding needless honking and wait when it is not my right of way; always park responsibly and display courtesy wherever possible, improving the mood on our roads.

15. I will influence my driver, the driver of any vehicle I am travelling in and all in my circle of family and friends to follow these safe driving habits, and spread the fever of safety, discipline and courtesy on our roads.

Your signing this petition means that you pledge to always drive with utmost care and precaution and be considerate to other road-users, so that your driving habits never result in an accident or lost life.

Thank you for becoming a crucial change agent on Indian roads, and for doing your bit to make a difference.

Please actively spread this petition to help save lives on our roads.