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Abolish new SA life jacket policy

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Yet again our government has had an un-educated re-action to a problem rather than speaking to the people it affects most and being pro-active ! 

This is a call to unite Recreational & Commercial fisherman to abolish the new life jacket policy that has come into effect December 1st - 2017

It must be stated that both Rec & Commercial fisherman are in FULL agreeance that all children on a boat MUST be in a life jacket ! 

However; we ask the Government CHANGES it's policy to model the Victorian policy which is as follows;

1. There must be one life jacket for every person on board the vessel.

2. Every person aged less than 10 years old MUST wear a life jacket.

3. A life jacket must be worn when at Heightened Risk. For example; one person on board, crossing a bar, operating a vessel in a BOM severe weather warning.

The SA governments new policy of wearing a life jacket at all times is simply ridiculous. And a massive over-reaction !

For the experienced fisherman such as Captains & Deckhands (both Recreational and Commercial), wearing a life jacket is not only restrictive and uncomfortable, but almost impossible to work in. For commercial fisherman, this is their livelihood and I invite any member of parliament to join me and try and fish a full 12-hour day in 30 to 40 degree heat whilst wearing a life jacket, to experience the burden.

Rather than enforcing such a ridiculous policy that WE WILL NOT abide too, why not ensure all boat owners, captains, crew, passengers and vessels themselves are actually safe !

1. Boats should have all the required safety gear and this should be inspected yearly.

2. Anyone on a boat MUST be able to swim. 

3. The state government should invest and supply compulsory swimming and water safety lessons to our children. Now approved and funded in Victoria that every child before they graduate from year 6 must be able to swim 50m unassisted.

That is being a pro-active government !

Note: If I was to ever struck trouble on my boat, I would not reach for my life jacket, I would reach for my life raft and EPIRB first.

What's next from here ? Parachutes must be worn before stepping on a plane ? or helmets being worn in a car ? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 

Wearing a life jacket like the Victorian model, should be compulsory for children but then as long as their as one life jacket on board for every person, it should be the captain, crew and passengers own decision if they wear one. Unless there is of course, Heightened Risk.

I like most, grew up on the water ! Don't destroy one of our favorite past times by an uneducated new policy. 


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