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All Public Places: Require Federal, State, and Local Laws to Require Changing Stations

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We all know the world is a highly unsanitary place. We all look at the toilets in restrooms and see how much gunk is in the sinks. But have you looked at the floor lately? Have you thought about having to lay on that nasty, filthy, mud-ridden floor, to get your diaper changed? I bet many of you haven't.

It's a fact that every baby wears diapers, be it cloth or disposable. And all diapers need to be changed.

It's a fact that the vast majority of places you visit, if you look, does not have any sort of changing station. Not even a table or counter space.

Where are babies supposed to be changed, if there is no place to change them?

The tiled floor? The floor that likely hasn't been mopped since yesterday? If even yesterday?

Are we supposed to change them in the car? What about in the middle of the blizzard. Are you willing to run out to the car to go to the bathroom? Or the sweltering heat. Will you run out to your car? No, I didn't think so. No, you'll use the public restroom whereas mothers and fathers will have to suffice with the filthy floor or their car.

If having a Handicap accessible restroom is a must, why do so many places exclude children?

Cheap changing stations retail for about $60. Surely even the local diner has $60. No parent is going to demand the 'high-tech', 'best in class', changing station that costs hundreds of dollars. We simply want a safe and clean place to change our baby's diaper.

You wouldn't pee on the floor, would you?

The lack of a proper diaper changing station is a serious health concern and ought to be a health code violation.

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