Anti Indigenous Systemic Racism Must Stop

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A letter to The Prime Minister and all First Ministers in Canada

July 3, 2020

Dear Premiere ………

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau stated on CTV National news on June 27,2020 that all first Ministers could not agree that racism is systemic in Canada.

I cannot be silent, for silence on such an issue as this is complicity.

Anti-Indigenous racism is blatantly systemic in our country.

 We have a problem as a society when Indigenous people are disproportionally affected by police brutality, by over representation in Jail, by food insecurity, by poor housing, by school dropout rates, by unemployment, by perpetual poverty, by suicide rates, and by Spiritual dismissal.  If that is not systemic, if that is not racist, and systemic what is it?

From the very beginning of European contact with Turtle Island Indigenous people could be plundered, murdered, and set aside by virtue of the Doctrine of Discovery.

 During the constitution of Canada Indigenous people were not seen as human, they were listed in the same line as animals.

Insidious forms of white supremacy continue to this day.

 It is every where you look if you have eyes to see.

An ancient prophet said “there is an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on earth!” [Ecclesiastes 3:1] Now, while the world is protesting against racism and police brutality towards Indigenous, and Black  People is the time to act.

The past cannot be undone but you as Premiers and the Prime Minister have the power to help make change in the present.

 A step towards that would be a statement by the Premiers that systemic racism is alive and well in Canada and it must stop.

Today is the opportune time, the time to do something, the time to be active!

 No more studies or consultations, no more debating and denying the fact, fix it!