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"All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." -
Thomas Jefferson
This petition is being signed for addressing the sufferings of Black people who have been
fighting for Reparation for descendants of slaves in America. The Black Community in
America has been suppressed in terms of reparation for descendants, the right to a dignified
life, to grow and flourish as a Community. There are traces in history that how Black people
have been exploited and brutally murdered in massacres by the Whites. Whenever, we
tried to stand for our rights, liberty, and dignity, have been brutally crushed by White
People of America. The Black Wall Street, established by OW Gurley with the motto “for
the Black people and by the Black people” with the sole purpose of betterment and growth
of Black people that had not prejudiced the Americans in any manner whatsoever. Yet, it was
massacred by white mob wherein hundreds of African-American residents were shot
dead and thousands of families were destroyed. Not only this but also, we have gone through
another exorbitantly traumatic incident popularly known as the Rosewood Massacre in
1923, which was triggered by a large group of White aggressors thereby causing
devastation of the entire town following the residents were permanently driven out. Even
though this is not the end, there are several such events wherein the black community was
highly dominated, exploited, and killed by the ruthless white people in America.
Thus, we have to uplift from the racial or social discrimination, injustices caused to us so that
we could again establish our own Black Wall Street thereby creating Black business across
the world, be successful, and could provide a better future for us. In addition to this, we need
not any Government support, intervention even not to be regulated by the Government
anymore. It is significant to mention here that we are not having any malice intention of
any manner against the Government so we should not be considered as AntiGovernment.
Thus, through this petition, we wish to support and acknowledge the abovementioned
issues for the betterment of the Black Community living in America, giving more
emphasis on the Reparation for descendants for slaves. Please support and give your
contribution to this highly needed social cause by signing this petition and donate for
the same. The donations made by you will be utilized in building our infrastructure.
We need your help in this cause and would highly appreciate to those who come
forward to sign this petition thereby giving voice to this initiative.

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