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We call for the Resignation of NAN. We must not tolerate "Elder Abuse"

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Offensive & Abusive behavior against the Elders from Senior Level staff within the Nishnawbe Aski Nation Corporation must be stopped, if the Senior level staff cannot uphold Professional behavior mandated under the NAN foundation:

       "A Declaration of Nishnawbe-Aski" (The People and the Land)

They are are working for an organization that mandates "UNITY, SUCCESS AND STRENGTH" of which is the Foundation for Nishnawbe Aski Nation is to work and protect the Anishnawbe Aski Nation people.

Acting CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR OFFICER of NISHNAWBE ASKI NATION has continually followed through with Abusive Behavior and approved of Abusive Behavior amongst his NAN staff Namely Rod Geddes of NAN and others, please see the list of some Abusive actions taken upon the Hornepayne First Nation Elders:

 - Playing loud music early in the morning to startle the Elders while they sleep;

- Placing Notices on the the cars and trucks stating the cars and trucks that  belong to Hornepayne First Nation will be towed away;

- Disrespectful language and statements calling the Elders "stink, vagrants";

- Continually locking members and Elders outside where they have to use the doorbell to get in even when it was cold outside;

- Motioned using his middle finger towards the members and Elders;

- Forcible confinement where Rod Geddes of NAN used his back to pin a member into a corner not allowing her to move;

- Sniffing in the air when Elders and members walk by and laughing;

- Holding a cell phone camera directly beside a members face as they walk by following them;

-screaming that he was going to sue us, smash our phones, moving towards us quickly trying to take our phones and to startle the members and Elders;

- Removed the Barbeque that the Elders were using to cook their food,

- Removed the microwave, coffee maker, toaster, fridges that the Elders were keeping milk and Insulin in;

- The latest incident May 13, 2015; ACAO/NAN hired a private investigator to Serve the Hornepayne First Nation Elders a Notice threatened IMMEDIATE ARREST and DETENTION! Issued pursuant to the Authority of NISHNAWBE ASKI NATION;

These offensive & abusive behaviors have caused the Elders Emotional Trauma that will need future counseling to help rebuild their personal self-esteem.

We call for the RESIGNATION of A Chief Administration Officer of Nishnawbe Aski Nation.

We need to send a message that Offensive and Abusive behavior from NAN senior staff will not be tolerated.


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