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End Cultural Hate & Internet and Media Fueled Violence

Today, I read two particular stories. One was about a woman who went to jail because she failed to pay a creditor for her breast cancer bills. But, she is not the only one. People all over the country are going to jail because they cannot afford to pay their bills. I thought going to jail for debts was an issue of the past… The creditors -through indirect coercion- use "failure to appear" in legal tactics to not only threaten debtors, but put them in jail. The same holds true for traffic oriented offenses.

Times are hard enough as it is, so, why tighten and twist the bloody screw entirely through the heart, breaking the spine, dropping the body to the scarred knees, broken down to the ground?

In another Arkansas story, law enforcement are doing something similar (gaming the system by what appears to be legitimate legal means). Has it become a popular sport for law enforcement to hunt people as animals?

Police forces are banding together to track down felony warrants. They say it gets many felons off the street, except, there is a problem with this: "They actually made the arrests at many of the homes of the felons."

Most of these people are only products of a country gone wrong, that only helps those who have money to pay and employ. So, what was it they were saying about the streets?

America seems to except no responsibility for the criminals it creates. Many will debate this saying, "Each person chooses what they do." I say, "If you are programmed from birth, and the experience of your life, and you live in America, then all of this is directly responsible for who you are."

When you create a criminal, you create a responsibility. If the moral majority and "up-right" will not accept them, especially when it comes to getting a job, then you deny them medical, psychological, economic opportunity and a plethora of other things. Just because the system labels them criminal in no way stops them from being American. Thrown into the hellish abyss maybe, but not American?

Certainly not. They are still American, and yet criminal.

More and more, America is becoming a Policed country, only second in it's disguised methodologies to China. I believe I understand why America and China are such great enemies, because they are essentially quite the same, just packaged under a different wrapper and label.

Are we really safe in our homes and effects? Are we free to assemble to stand up to militaristic forces (groups of law enforcement agencies) when "we" feel "we are wronged"? Are we free to leave the country when we feel it is not safe here? Are we free to stand up to a government that is failing?

These things were in the Constitution. I believe the system has failed, and I believe our failed U.S. economy is the main perpetrator in this arena, second only to the hidden agendas of politicians and special interest groups.

When some Americans stand up to exercise their Constitutional rights set forth by the progenitors of this country, it seems to have become a trend for those with more "money, guns, and power," to shut them down. Is this American, or Totalitarianism?

Do we allow mob-mentality or political-mob mentality dictate our futures? Can a person have their own thoughts and ideas without being punished for having a mind and the ability to think?

The only arena politicians work in are political arenas. The common person has no real say in these battles. Politics have become like charities that, "People do them to improve their resume and public

Also, we send our politicians as puppets to fore-shadow the doom that is coming to other countries. Not to mention what we are really doing to other countries around the world in the name of Democracy.

Perhaps, it should be spelled D-e-m-o-c-r-a-z-y.

That is what our country appears to be not only to me -a crazy country, but also to millions of others.
(Billions if we include the entire world. Just ask someone not from America.)

What about the government agencies that hurt citizens; I.R.S., all taxes, problems with D.H.S., military recruiters, children branded with a "number" (social security) and forget about their birth name.

Our country spends as much time replenishing it's military ranks as school coaches do hunting down fresh blood for green battle-fields of combative sports. Young men are forced to register for war, but they say it is really for the draft of military service.

Why not say, "You are forced to sign this death agreement, because if you don't, we will send you to jail." What a supreme form of American Democracy that is!

"We force our children to buy into military and war without an option to say NO." That is not freedom. That is forced coercion suffered by direct psychological duress of possible jail time. We are teaching our youth that we lead our country through fear.

America has so many laws about what you can't do, that, it is nearly impossible not to break a law of some kind, and next to impossible not to get into trouble. Our leaders know this and support the blood-fueled economic justice system. Just as I think there should be a separation of Church and School and State, I think the same needs to be applied to government to the Nth degree.

America is not only a melting pot of races but of ideologies.

Our media -mainly the internet- have become the judges, juries, and our executioners. Daily television personalities, and T.V. show personalities wear "Good-Guy Badges" in a cruel ruse to point out the wrongs of the world, and like most religious T.V. charlatans, claim to be making a "difference in the world."

What gives media the permission or right to become Police with their talking-heads transmitting
pretense into every household in America. When did they take an oath, or were given permission to act as “Policing Bodies?”

When were they given Badges, Guns, and the Authority to function as governing powers?

Entertainment, tabloids, music and movies stars have now become more important than Doctors or Teachers -or even politicians for that matter.

No one can afford health care; we live in a country of the cancer ridden, the rotten teeth of millions, the old brittle and dying, and those on the bitter end of receiving from America's most unforgiving circumstances.

We have created a difficult country to live in and yet, punish people who are subject to the conditions that were created. That is like creating a trap and purposely baiting it, in order to make people intentionally fail. Is America's agenda intended to create failure, and only raise those up who know somebody who knows somebody?

America is stewing in elitist culture. We are turning Man, Woman, and Child against Man, Woman, and Child.

In America, not only do we have more people incarcerated than anywhere in the world, but have murdered millions of Men, Women, and children -through war and other efforts- than any other regime in the world.

America through proclaiming it's sovereign power -or Totalitarian right to govern the world- has killed more people in the name of Democracy than Adolf Hitler did in killing the Jews.

We have been programmed to except the deaths of our sons and daughters in needless wars as acceptable, started by old men and women playing political games with our lives. Including the fact that we used nuclear force to literally kill an entire race of people. Japan first. Who will be next? It is entirely hypocritical in the face of attempting to stop other fledgling countries from developing their own nuclear capabilities, when we have a country side littered with dangerous death in waiting (I.C.B.M.'s). I feel if it were not for America's past meddling in world affairs, our country might not have the problems that it does today.

One man's freedom fighter is another persons terrorist.

I do not entirely agree with what foreigners have done out of retaliation to this country. I believe America first took the stick to the nest of hornets So, it is no wonder that we have been stung. America turns around and does the same things to others that it claims others have done to it. Is this the example of American Democracy we set for the future world to follow?

It is entirely to late to make amends, and I believe we are failing at a rate faster than we are accomplishing success. Really, it is the folly of men and women bent on control of things fueled by their ever diminishing, yet aging egos.

Who will survive the future as America plays games and gambles the future of our world away? Why are the biggest businesses in America military and war product providers and not medical, or, educational?

The use of "one weapon of mass destruction" upon the world will kill, if not hurt us all -even if it is in retaliation. When one of those weapons are used, "we", as in the "human race" will die instantly, if
not die by slow deaths from the amount of nuclear fall-out. The damage upon the world will be permanent for billions of years. Even using a nuclear device several hundreds of miles in space from the Earth will still effect us and our atmosphere in cataclysmic proportions.

America invests more money learning how to control and destroy the world including it's own citizens that helping it. Just as I spoke earlier about the number of Americans in jails and prisons, I wonder why we have not the same in Rehabilitation.

I wonder who those people are that proclaim them-self without blemish and stain, that bring such contained concentration camps upon us all. Those institutions only create worse monsters than before they entered. Who needs to create an enemy abroad when you can do it here in America, including dehumanizing that same person in the process?

We cram pack our criminals under labels for life, on top of multiple agencies with files, in addition to eternal damnation upon the internet until the world ends, damning families for hundreds of generations to come. We allow professionals of every vocation to tell us what is wrong with people, and gather them under bloody umbrellas that damn them and their families for life.

We make martyrs of victims and a new system and alert go out daily. We acknowledge humanity when it only fits what we see right, and damn it when we forget what humanity really is, and quietly brush it under the covers of time, silencing anyone who would stand up and speak about it.

If someone wanted to put their life back together it would be impossible because they are denied all the pieces by agencies cloaked by laws that put them above and beyond the law, deemed with the status of “untouchable.”

We shun sex and say it is bad by conservative Christian standards. Over seven-hundred thousand people are now sex offenders, and all of their crimes different, and lump them under one label umbrella. In the Civil War, old men were married to girls as young as twelve.

Edgar Allen Poe married his thirteen year old cousin. Benjamin Franklin was a womanizer. Most of these laws are based on Jude-o-Christian fundamentalism.

Ages are based off of Earth based orbital chronology. We forget people have biological, physiological, and psychological ages. Each person grows, matures, and develops at different rates
influenced by life experiences.

Scientifically speaking, there is no logic and relegating age for any one attribution. At the same time, we brand "offenders" for life, and forget the equality of doing the same for all supposedly adjudicated criminal.

No one charged Bill Clinton for having oral sex performed on him in the oval office, while at the same time committing adultery.

No-one registered him as a sex offender. Nor did they Tiger Woods, or John Kerry, or any other politician. We do not brand people for speeding tickets, shop lifting, aggravated assault and battery, or even label "politicians" as egotistical and self serving their own purpose in politics regardless of the perception they sell to the public.

I wonder if a "Political Offender" label will ever be created. We do not ban or label all the hundreds of thousands of people working in the Porn industry. (Porn comprises 3/4's of the world's internet).

It is said, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." This is untrue. No one person is an island of understanding unto the law. If judges or lawyers knew the law, then the tens of billions of words, published in the thousands of legal books would be entirely un-needed. Using that saying is a manipulative slap in the face of the lay-man, made to bend the knee due to unfair support and representation -or simply lack of
financial ability;(i.e. money). The poor man falleth; the rich man prevaileth.

There is no equality in justice anymore than there is true freedom in America, due to someone's idea that forced psychological coercion in lieu of military brute force is the way to maintain peace and order in a country. And, what about the media and internet?

More sex is used through Dancing with the Stars, nightly T.V. series, any major musician in videos, and all of Hollywood to entertain our American Citizens.

So, someone tell me what is being missed here?

Does every age need to create sacrificial scapegoats, and point the finger saying, "They are the wrong ones, not us." How trite.

There is no person in the world that does not exist if it were not for the sex and the lust of two people. The entire world does not revolve around Christian morality and ethics.

Nature exists of it's own accord, not by the ideological whims of a human creature. Logically, there is no way to create "absolutes" in an ever changing universe, and the person who believes other-wise only deceives them-self, and others.

Where is the Mercy, Compassion, and Wisdom equal to and not shadowed by the American Justice System? Do we always give the "order" to chop off someone’s head because "they were human and erred"? Have we become so much higher and better than humanity, that anything that stinks of lower-baser humanity is not worthy to be allowed anymore?

We not only shame our "enemies" but we shame our citizens. America hides centuries of past information in various locations around the country that should have been left to the dust of the ages of times.

America does not need to gather information on every living citizen. It serves no purpose than pleasing the fanatics that put such measures into place. We are not numbers, statistics, or herds of animals treated as such. We are "human", or, has that been entirely face of the earth, is all the hidden information around the country how we should be remembered? How we damned, and destroyed, and failed, punished, and pillaged our own kind???

American politicians, leaders, or we should really call them dictators, have grown to the level of being no better than "reality T.V. stars". Our governments are consisted of people from by-gone generations and drastic economical divisions, that have no concept of the lowest in this country. They prove their place by "might makes right" time and time again. They use Police, Military, and Money to force people to believe them. They punish those who do not agree or have their own ideas. They silence the rest.

The T.V. media and internet are included in the same ways of injustice against our own kind! We have taught our culture to build ourselves up and then destroy ourselves down.

What goes on the internet stays on the internet forever. Good, Bad, and those in-between are forever scarred, cursed, and damned for all time because of putting an ultimate weapon in the hands of monkeys. You can give any monkey a gun, and although they may not know what it is or how to use it, at some point, terrible things will happen. I feel the same about nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

The position of our President is a position that no-one -other than those that have something to gain- care about or even take time to worry about. People are to poor and struggling to survive to worry about what some aged and disconnected politician has to lie about, and what they are "going to do." In reality, most people understand that the President has become a puppet and a yes man, and serves those under him, not as it once was.

At best, if a real vote was taken by the numbers that do not care, it would usurp the numbers of the "moral-norm majority" in numbers so great, it would make the sun "sack-cloth black". I used to want to be the President, but that stopped when I came to learn more about what the common everyday person thought. Why would I want to join a line of failing men?

Why would I want to join a line of liars who never do what they say, and you have no earthly idea if they mean what they say? In this country, I can not respect the President of my own accord, and if I speak my mind, some of his Hench-men will come to get me and tell me I am wrong. Wrong, although I freely exercise my first amendment right? When did the President get a free card? When did the President ever become free of criticism or opinion? I've been subject to these things all my life and have had to bite the bitter's of life and deal with it.

Why are we now the "Thought", "Moral", "Religious", and "World Totalitarian" "POLICE". Where is the freedom in that? We have made our own people afraid of each other. The only "Might and Right" people see is "Money". It is all they slave for, burdened with a "number" they are "branded with from birth". Ask a government agency if they know a person, and they will say "no". Ask them if they know a number, and they will say, "Yes, we know that number and have files on that number as well." Is this the "1984" that George Orwell talked about? I think it is, and I think it is only a shadow of what is to come if the "Police" do not "Police" the "Police".

Who is watching the ones "who watch us"? And, why must we be watched?

Are we not Americans standing for true Democracy and Freedom, or are we "Lotto Buyers", buying into the American Democracy Lotto, hoping to get a piece of the pie "all to ourselves", while millions of other American's "go to jail because they are poor", "are wrongly accused and can not battle the blood money justice system", are forced to "register their sons and daughters for war (who will go to jail if they do not)", forced to buy into a failed system that only takes care of those who "bend at the knee".

Who is America, Where is America, What is America? I believe America died a long time ago. Now it is all "paper tigers and dragons", politics; innuendos, and the cancerous internet and media poison
concocted to kill us all.

Is life to be relegated to a contract, some chicken scratching on paper, or given to one person to decide the fate of millions, if not billions of the world? I know many of you know the answer, but either fail to acknowledge it, or live your entire lives in denial.

When someone gives you an answer to a dire question of the state of affairs of our country, do you tell them are wrong, and then seek out your own convenient answer? How much is that answer going to cost and how many pay-outs are you going to take? How many lives are going to be lost along the way?

How in the world can America claim to be the best place in the world when it is so aberrated?

I am scared and fear for my life. I am afraid that some shadowy group of Americans, or some band of American Militant group is going to come to my home and take me away. I am afraid that some American agency has a file on me and knows me better than I do.

I am afraid that I am not human anymore because some American Professional has told me what I am all about, and has never met me once. I am afraid I will not be able to see other places in the world because
America takes away my ability to do so, and sadly might destroy those other places in the world.

I am afraid of America. Please help me not be afraid. I believe I will die one day, and, I believe it will be because of America that I die. I am not Anti-American. I am Anti-Against what America has become.

America is now the modern "AMERICAN-ROME" of the world, and acts as such. I am afraid, very deathly afraid of AMERICAN-ROME!

Charles Billiter

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