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Make Cyber Bullying Criminal Offence & Create register of Offenders in UK

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Recently we have witnessed many incidents of Cyber Bullying in Online Communities in the UK. Facebook profile of an admin made viral for stopping resale of cricket tickets at the inflated price. Someone's whole organisation sent emails with allegations on his wife. A husband wife's dispute made viral without their consent with 20K followers instigated to call the husband by sharing his office location and his profile. A group admin was defamed online with baseless allegations for trying to stop naming and shaming as it can be dangerous and life threatening. It is traumatic and overwhelming for anyone to see strangers commenting and questioning their integrity.   

Indians in London is a Facebook group of 15k. We are highly concerned as we were contacted by significantly high number of people after we took stand against cyber bullying - many sharing their traumatic experiences of being bullied, humiliated  and harassed  when they disagreed to something online or for simply questioning certain actions Most are still scared and hence did not want to openly reveal their identity. Social media is being used wrongly. The difference of opinion is not respected. 
Cyber-bullying affects anyone any age or gender, via text, email and on social networks. It can consist -Threats and intimidation, harassment and stalking, defamation, rejection. Publicly posting or sending on personal information about another person and Manipulation. It includes racist comments, body shaming, shaming for being a housewife, homophobia name calling and the whole range of other hate speech. 

The nasty hurtful posts, messages, images or texts can be shared with multitudes of people leading the victim to experiences anxiety, fear, depression, low self-esteem, feeling of being vulnerable, powerless paranoia. There is anger and feeling of helplessness. Bullying has gone to an extent that people have faced financial loss, health issues and almost reached the brink of suicide. According to studies bullied victims had significantly more suicidal thoughts, planning and attempts.                                                                                                                   

Cyber-bullying in the UK is not clearly stated as punishable criminal offence. There are no repercussions or penalties for this behavior. The police consider it civil matter with no actual help available to vulnerable victims. Going legal is expensive, time consuming and often not fruitful.

Please make cyber bullying a punishable criminal offense in the UK, have an offender's register do discourage the bullying. Have a Cyber Police Cell in UK (face to face like in India) enabling vulnerable victims to get immediate help and justice. 

High Commission of India please offer support to victims of bullying as many who contacted us are distressed Indian Women in UK who have found themselves helpless to deal with the traumatic incidents  

Please sign and share this petition and make bullying unacceptable whether it's face to face or in an online space !!!

P.S -When signing if you would like to share an instance when you were victimized please comment who, when, where and a summary of the incident either in comments or you can send in email which will be kept anonymous to 

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