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Thank you for supporting our petition - here’s what we’re going to do…

Thanks for signing our petition to encourage the Government to tell the truth about the effects of growing meat consumption on the environment. We’ll be taking the petition to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) soon but rather than simply wait for the Government to debate something we already know is important, we’ve decided to start spreading awareness ourselves in a way that’s a little bit different… We got thinking about how we can get more people to become vegetarians or vegans. We’ve noticed that ‘Flexitarian’ diets - eating plant-based foods at least one day a week - are becoming increasingly popular. Although it’s not the complete answer, it’s a great way for people to transition into a better lifestyle for themselves and the environment. We found out about a movement called Green Monday, which has been encouraging millions of people to cut out meat on Mondays, and have decided to bring it to the UK in the form of Greener TV. Imagine the impact it’s already having on reducing CO2 emissions and how much greater that could be if people took part in our country too? Like me, you may be a full vegetarian already, or you may be starting that journey. Either way, you’ll know how great a plant-based lifestyle can be. We want to inspire more people to experience this by choosing to go meat free on Mondays at least. Everything we do is based on solid research and our belief that, if people are going to change, we’ll need to inspire them. We’ve produced a launch film which celebrates all of the above, the power we have in our hands to make a change by adopting the Greener lifestyle. Be one of the first to watch it! We’d love to hear what you think and, if you enjoyed it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and share it with your friends. There’ll be a new video every Monday. The more people who watch and join the movement, the greater the impact we’ll have on health, animals and the environment in the UK and beyond. We are also launching on Twitter and would love to connect with you at We hope you’ll be entertained by the upcoming videos in our series and will stay on board as we have so many great things to share with you. Together, we can encourage more people to consider turning to the Greener lifestyle. Thanks for you support. Roann Ghosh Founder of Greener TV

Green Monday
5 years ago