Stop paying MPs an extra £10,000 to stay home

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UK MPs are to be given an extra £10,000 to enable them to 'work from home' during the coronavirus crisis.  This is unacceptable to the majority of the British public.

In this time of global crisis,  everyone is expected to 'do their bit' for their communities, and millions of people are losing their businesses, their jobs, their incomes and their liberties under orders from the UK government.

It does not seem reasonable or just to give MPs an extra £10,000 to 'work from home' during the coronavirus crisis.  This comes on top of their current salaries, and is over and above the existing £26,000 MPs can claim each year to cover the costs of their offices.

According to a Times investigation, the money has been allocated to help remote working members of parliament and their staff pay for laptops, printers and additional electricity, heating and phone bills.  

We would ask that the UK Government re-thinks this policy, and cancels these payments immediately.