Public School Students have a right to in person learning, immediately.

Public School Students have a right to in person learning, immediately.

January 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amy Nichols - Egge

Let our public school students go back to school.  

(Private schools have been in person learning since September 2020)

Our community has been getting together at a safe distance, with masks and communicating to one another with our concerns of what is happening to our children during this lock down by our Governor Kate Brown.   

Common concerns that keep popping up: 
1.)  My child can’t focus and keeps going on YouTube - Parent needs to work and can’t give the child the attention a school teacher would be able to - parent is teaching something the parent doesn’t understand 
2.)  My child does better hands on - Health professionals for the last 20 years have told us 1-2hrs a day screen time.  (This lockdown has taught K-12 to be on the screen for 6-8hrs a day) - Parent doesn’t like all the screen time 
3.)  My child is thriving on distance learning - parent we still need to work it is hard to be present when we have to provide for our family 
4.)  How will college recruiters and colleges see my child perform?  

Over the holiday break Governor Kate Brown announced several statements. One in particular that hit us pretty hard.    “Moving forward, the decision to resume in-person instruction must be made locally, district by district, school by school,” the governor said in a statement.  We we’re all shocked to find out our Governor has decided its up to the district to decide what is best for our students. 

We are proud to have a district who is ready to show Governor Brown our community is strong; that we can make healthy safe choices for our family and loved ones.  

Since March 13, 2020 our community has been on edge waiting for the unknown.  Lock down created more harm than good.  Small businesses closing doors never to be able to reopen.  Depression, drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse, teen suicide, mental health and bullying through social media.   Students need to be with peers, they need in-person communication.   As governor Brown said. “The long-term benefits of both heading off an emerging mental health crisis for our children and youth, and addressing the academic challenges that are becoming prevalent for far too many students in the absence of in-person learning, now far outweigh the short-term risk.”   

Every day we wait to let the students back in school is another day we risk a students mental challenges and possibly a student life.  

Our students are the future. Our students deserve an in person education. We ask the district to allow those who want an in-person education be granted the opportunity, immediately.   

Sincerely yours,

Amy Nichols 
Advocate, Voice for Students
Parent at Stafford Primary


Please see below what catholic schools are doing, who have also had  in person classes since September 2020.  

Several  parents chose this district because we can’t afford a private school.  Our students have a right to an in person education.   

Hello Kinder and First Grade Families,
While we took a pause on expanding learning options in late November, we continue to see the extraordinary value in having students on campus for instruction, social opportunities and growth in social, emotional, behavior skills. We feel strongly that we have demonstrated that students can be in school, with masks and social distancing, safely. Our protocols and procedures are robust and well-implemented in our second trimester of school. We will begin the program we developed in November as school resumes after Christmas Break.
Here is a reminder of what we sent out in November about program changes:
Updated Program :
- Welcome all Kinders and Firsts to school on campus Monday through Thursday, 8:15am-3:05pm.
- Fridays will be LIVE via Zoom for all Kinders and Firsts. This is so that the whole class (in person and digital) can be together for one day a week to do sharing, STAR of the Week, group activities, and social opportunities.
- We will run a digital component for families that chose to stay home. The digital teaching will be done by the classroom teacher, supervision and support will be done by one of our Learning Support Specialists.
- Two hours per day falls under ODE's Limited InPerson Instruction guidelines, cohorts of 20.
- The rest of the day falls under our ODE/ELD child care license and rules, cohorts of 20.
- There is no additional cost beyond tuition for the child care hours between
- We'd like to start this option
on Monday, January 4, 2021
Safety Precautions that will continue:
- Masks required Kinder through 8th grade. Face shields are allowed in addition to a mask.
- Cohorting in groups of 20 or less
- Room check ins and outs
- Routine sanitizing and disinfecting
- Screening at the start of the day (temperature and verbal health check)
- No shared supplies; all supplies labeled and stored individually
- Snacks and lunch in the classroom
- Recess in zones to separate grades and cohorts
- Improved air filtration systems running at all times
- All CDC, ODE, OHA protocols met and documented in our Return to School Framework (posted on school website and Monday Minute)
Over Christmas Break we will continue to monitor information from ODE, OHA and Washington County as well as our community. If there is any change in guidance for our community (cohort size, time limits, Covid cases), we will send out additional updates.


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Signatures: 320Next Goal: 500
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