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all offices of children and family services: discontinue practice of Derivative Neglect

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Derivative Neglect_ probability of abuse and neglect guilty until proven innocent law children are being taken from parents at early ages (birth) preventing the most crucial bonding time between new parents and their children based on family history, finances, and several other reasons by child services in several states. they are removed within hours of birth( in some cases immediately) many parents are first time parents. in other cases, parents were placed under investigation for other allegations of abuse or neglect on previous children. more often times than not hearsay is used against parents for indication eventually leading to free the infant and other children for adoption ( in few cases are the children returned to parents) Ending this practice would prevent incidents like Ingrid Mae Bates, a mother that was falsly reported by the family of an ex boyfriend several times leading to the removal of her toddler son. She would soon be pregnant again for her daughter. During this time, she was facing preventive service( voluntary services provided by child services to assist in any needs and setting a goal plan to re unite.) Ingrid was pregnant for another, she was afraid to inform of her pregnancy because she had witnessed the relentless abuse of power and continued overstepping by this agency practice, and had asked to end services(as they were volutary) but was looking to complete the set goal plan to reunite with her son. Services ended and she was listed as non compliant. Her daughter was taken 2 hours later. Ingrid fought for 5 years to regain her children. her rights were terminated under the terms of derivative neglect. Ingrid lost her strength/all hope and the unjust war against families. R.I.P. Ingrid Mae Another woman was a first time mother aged 17, a false report was made against her the day of delivery of her first child. Within hours of birth, child services removed her child from her care. 2 years later another was born to the same mother, that child too, was removed. She never had more than just a few minutes with her children. Both removed under derivative neglect. Her rights were terminated and the children adopted to their foster parents. Changing this law would prevent young families from being divided and destroyed by only a POSSIBILITY OF ABUSE AND NEGLECT based on family history or alleged financial issues. Please show your support by signing this petition and encouraging others to do so as well. This is a practice in may states under diifferent titles. Lets work together as one nation and save America's families one step at a time.

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