Get better internet(Don't like seeing 'There is no Internet' prompt? Me too , Help me out

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In the current world that we live in a good internet connection is a must , However the society that I live in ,Clover Heights Pune does not allow it's residents to put up good internet providers, There are currently only 2 in our society one being BSNL and other being TATA Docomo, I use TataDocomo and they are capable to give maximum speed of 2MBps, The problem arises that they charge Rs1500 per month for it. Their service is the worst ever, The server stays down for at least 10 days in a month and even if it works the max speed I get is 600Kbps. Airtel is also applicable to be installed in our society, however, the Society Board denied Airtel to put their wire as 'It will make the society look ugly' due to the wires. Airtel offers 99% uptime and speeds up to 40Mbps for just Rs800 Per month. however, they won't let any other provider to put their wires. This is unacceptable as the ones we can use are not even up to third world standards. Please sign this petition for me as I am going to write a complain letter to the board along with the sign of everyone that signs for me. I need your help people. Help your fellow internet user get better internet for cheaper rates.Your signatures will be much appreciated :)