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Pledge to make near Universal Giving happen

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Too many of us see ourselves as having little or nothing to give at the end of most of our days.  We want to help so many causes and people in need and we want to change the world--especially when we are young and full of dreams--but little by little too many start believing the only people who can make a difference are those with lots of money.  This way of thinking must end because it is a big, sad lie.

One million pennies= 10,000.$

One million quarters= 250,000$

One million × .50 cents= 500,000$

One million × 1.00= ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!

Even those of us with very little have some spare change lying around. Millions and Millions of us actually have spare change lying around on a daily basis.

We need to discover the value of a penny multiplied by millions of people.

10 million pennies = 100,000.$

(((What could a family in need do with 100,000??????)))

10 million quarters =   2,500,000.$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are strongest, richest, and can do the most good when we join our small change together for a purpose.  






I am in the process of making a website that will act as a user- directed 'project manager' to help us all get 100% of our small change to wherever we decide to send it.  This website WILL NOT charge anything for the service of helping people give--NOT EVER!  It will solicit businesses interested in working on projects with all of us. It will solicit ONLY businesses who assure 100% of what we give reaches its destination.  They pay the website a small, fully-disclosed fee for being our partner (this money will run the site).  For example say an art supply company, ice cream maker, skating rink or movie theatre in a town in Ohio wanted to work with us so we could give 100,000 worth of art supplies away or 100,000 worth of ice cream away.  The site will also have a forum for giving money directly to people in need and other causes.

Lets pledge to create a world together where we all feel as if we make a difference, every day of our lives.

Lets pledge to risk our small change for the real dream of big, constant change.

Lets pledge to discover together what can be done with millions of pennies.


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