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Remove SUS BITCH’S Channel For False Accusations Of Shane Dawson!

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 SUS BITCH  Has created a video by piecing together parts of what was a dark humor joke on a podcast. They are trying to make Shane Dawson look like a pedophile. They have falsely accused him of being a pedophile  with no  “proof.” SUS BITCH is obviously doing this all for views! We need this person removed from the YouTube community, as they are  just trying to ruin someone else’s life. This is defamation of Shane Dawson’s character and they must be stopped !( Defamation of Character means intentionally false communication made about someone that harms their character. If the communication is written, it's called libel, if it's spoken, it's slander. The communication can be in any form and must be seen by at least one third party who is not the target of the communication).  Shane Dawson  is someone who brings joy to others lives. He brought me out of a deep depression after losing my brother. He literally made me laugh my way out of the darkest time of my life or I did not even want to live anymore. He is a kind hearted, funny, real individual. He speaks for the rights of others By bringing lBy bringing light to horrible things in the world.ight to horrible things in the world. He does not contribute to the abuse.   This just makes me so sick! I stand with Shane everyone share this!  #IStandWithShane Remove SUS BITCH !!!

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