Ban the international driver

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As a driving instructor  I notice all of overseas Students visa holders, work permit visa holders and  temporary visa holders in NSW   are allowed  to drive  with out getting  an Australian Driver License  and  as A driving instructor I found that more then 50% of these people  have  very minimum or NO driving experience in their own country  and getting a licence in their country required very minimum driving skills or no skill some time as they can get one by bribing the system there. 

I spent more then 8 hours every day on road and found lots of people are not following the rules as they  don't know  and the  state government allowed these unlicensed people to drive,  and it is becoming too dangerous to me  you  and our children as well.  

To make the roads more safer government  need to make it mandatory for every one to get a Australian Driver License before they drive by their own.