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All News Media: Stop misrepresenting Pit Bulls and other so called "dangerous" breeds.

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The intentional misrepresentation of Pit Bulls, other "bully" and/or otherwise "dangerous" breeds of canines needs to end. The ignorant, fear mongering headlines deeming these breed dangerous is merely based on opinion. There are numerous temperment tests that have been accomplished proving that the above is false. The term " Pit Bull" used in describing any dog related incident that gets reported to news media must cease. This is nothing but propaganda usually placed without even getting the breed of dog actually verified. We ask to end the discrimination of these dogs. Without education, we can not show how truely gentle these breeds are.   We also ask that if dog related Incidents are  reported, they should be from ALL breeds, from Shitz tzu to Chocolate Lab.Not just having the finger pointing always to Pit Bulls. Any dog can bite, and creating a stigma that Pit bulls are the only ones who commit these offenses is 100% false. It is only fair that reports are made accurate, not just on assumptions.

Article by WGRZ Buffalo NY... mentioning Pit Bull in headline to feed people fear;

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