Improve Signage On New Housing Estates To Assist Emergency Services

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I strongly believe that new house builders should have a responsibility to ensure that adequate signage is in place in new housing estates so that emergency service vehicles can quickly navigate to the scene of an incident as quickly as possible. Roads are not named until a long time after occupancy and they take many months before they appear on any GPS mapping systems so the emergency services are running blind most of the time. 

My husband and I moved into a property in a new housing development in Buckinghamshire in December 2017. On the morning of 15/6/2018, whilst home alone, my husband fell ill and called an ambulance. Due to the fact that our road had no road name on the street, the ambulance took 20 minutes to arrive, when they should have been onsite within 8 minutes. My husband could hear the ambulance driving around try to find our address, but they were struggling as our road is not sign posted at all. We feel that as a duty of care to  customers who have moved into a new build estate, there should at least be a map on entering the estate that can direct emergency services to the roads they need, like what you find on large industrial estates, until such a time as the roads are all updated onto GPS maps. My husband suffered a heart attack and thankfully they got to him just in time, but it could have been a different story. 
The ambulance service crews tend to know where all the new housing estates are located, however they are running blind when they actually get to the estate as it takes so long for the roads to appear on any GPS maps. These kind of delays could and should be avoided and delays in an emergency cost lives.

Lets get enough signatures to ensure that new house builders are made responsible for ensuring that new housing estates are signed appropriately before occupancy.