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Let The Boy Play.

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Our player, Perry Terrell Jr. has been living in Prince Rupert for the past 8 years with his Rupert family. He attended the local high school from grade 8-12. After grade 12 he stayed in Rupert to work on and off, while still visiting his home community on and off for many years. He never officially moved back to Kincolith and merely visited for short stints off and off for the time while he was in Prince Rupert. All he wants to do is play with the team he chooses, and at the moment, that is Prince Rupert. The All Native Tournament is saying that he isn’t eligible to play for our team, PR Synergy Storm. However, Perry is still eligible to pay in tournament with his home community, Kincolith. Perry has spent the past 6 plus years going to school in PR and just wanted to finish what he started which is to play with his Rupert team. However, the ANT community has said he is not eligible. In the past years, there has been no shortage of situations where people were ineligible and still allowed to play. However, a local boy with roots established in PR is getting denied this opportunity for some reason. We all know the boy can play. However, this doesn’t have to do with anything. This case is about being fair and equal to everyone. #LetPerryPlay 

In order to play in the All Native Tournament you have to meet multiple requirements.  Here they are.

-A) Be born of North American Indigenous Ancestry. Yes

-B) Club Teams:Club teams based in cities like Prince Rupert, Terrace, Vancouver, North Vancouver, etc. The All Native will use electoral boundaries to describe your city. Perry has been on and off living between Prince Rupert for 6 years. He has stayed at a few homes in Prince Rupert. This past summer he moved back to his home village to work but also worked in Prince Rupert. While in Prince Rupert, he was couch surfing between three homes. He was working part time in Prince Rupert. He was also living in Kincolith working part time as well.

-C) All teams MUST submit final rosters BEFORE January 20TH, 2017 for February 2017. Done ( The ANB Committee, took his name off of our roster without asking us for any confirmation.

-D) Only (2) changes to the Roster for the All Native Tournament in February will be permitted at the Coaches and Managers’ meeting. Except Qualifying Teams which are not allowed any changes but are allowed 2 additions to the maximum of 12. (All players that came and helped that team qualify have to stay on that team, they cannot play for anyone else We will be making two changes at the managers meeting.

-E) Club teams are for urban centers and are permitted (1) team per division. Done

-F) Club teams must be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the All Native Tournament Rules Committee that all their players have played for and been members of their Club team prior to and have completed each players qualifying games on or before January 31st, 2017. Perry has the amount of games to play as per the qualifying stipulations. He has a tournament plus 8. (12 total)

During this qualifying period, ALL players must have played a minimum of (10) official games with their Club teams in at least (1) of the following Categories
-G) In a recognized league commencing play in October

-H) In at least (2) tournaments PLUS (6) exhibition games

-I) (1) Tournament PLUS (8) exhibition games. Proof resides at the ANT tournament office. (Game sheets)

-J)As of 2016 Qualifying and 2017 February All Native Tournament. To make things clear to both the player on a club team and to the Rules Committee the All Native Basketball Tournament is asking for the following information:

1.     Driver’s License or BCID (Perry has both BC ID and Drivers Licence with PRupert Addresses on them)

2.     Rental agreement or proof of address- He has a letter of acceptance form the NWCC college and a letter of employment from Prince Rupert)

3.     Any one of the following; bank statement, telephone bill, cable or internet bill. He is boarding with people so none of these would be in his name.

At this point, we have met all requirements of this rule and the tournament. However, the rules committee has avoided to read the affidavit they requested. They are saying that ppl are saying he wasn’t living in Prince Rupert and only in Kincolith....hear say. We aren't denying he was there, we are just saying he had two homes. One there and one in town. He is a young man and travels between both for work. This isn’t true and they are going on word on mouth and not factual evidence. They never even tried to talk to us about it and merely took his name off of the roster without notification. 

This young man is a hard working, well versed and all he wants to do is play with the team he played with the past year in this tournament. Our team has been his family for the past 18 months. 

Side notes:

The first rule of the tournament is A) Be born of North American Indigenous Ancestry. This past year, the ANBT made the ruling that a player of Haiti nationality was allowed to play because he had a status card and lived in the village. The allowance of this, goes to show that their rules and consistency is very questionable. 

As a mother, and as a coach, I can’t let this go because it isn’t fair. We need to allow our kids to play. If we didn’t think that we had a case here, we would not pursue it but we feel strongly enough to ask you to help us make a case out of this.

This is not fair, and we have done more than is required to make himeligible to play. "Why do we put up so many walls for our kids to succeed, when they already have so much to deal with.

How much more can he say, he has played 12 games with our team. He played last year with us. He is going to school here in PR. He worked in both Kincolith and in Prince Rupert. He was between homes from July to October. As stated he was couch surfing and all of his family and friends know this. He has ID to prove his residence with PR on them. "What more do you need" Let the kid play!! 



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