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This 24 years old girl has been abducted by Israelis soldiers without letting her see any lawyer or her family. She was held prisoner without trial. WE DEMAND HER IMMEDIATE FREEDOM. 

Same way as she was made prisoner there are many other Palestinians who are not allowed to receive family’s or lawyer’s visits, that is why they started hunger strike. Please help us to get as many signatures as needed so they receive fair trials, and to avoid that they are being interrogated and tortured by IOF . It is very important to find a way!  make the world be aware of the big injustices that these prisoners suffer.

Some days ago another abducted Palestinian was tortured by IOF and he ended up in hospital in critical condition , it means in coma.

We must unite our voices to be heard . Somebody has to stop this barbarian methods to humiliate , subjugate and deploy of humanism this race , who resist the occupation , land grabbing, bombs , lack of electricity, lack of water, snippers shootings, etc 

There is no bigger complicity than SILENCE, make your voice be heard , sign in the name of human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of resistance.  Sign in the name of JUSTICE.

Justice for this young girl who is facing arbitrarious methods to destroy her self esteem and her dignity as human being.