Bring peace to our communities through Mother's heart before it is too late

Bring peace to our communities through Mother's heart before it is too late

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I love America as an immigrant from Japan and am so hurt to see all the fighting and rioting and killing in our communities. 

When I was in college, students were doing many violent things while talking about world peace. I attended those things, but I didn’t feel comfortable. Also the same time I learned VOC (Victory Over Communism) teaching world peace wouldn’t come by conflict but through interdependence. Surely as a young woman I wanted to do something for world peace. So we did campaign and lectured and petitioned in front of Nagoya station and Nagoya University and downtown Nagoya and shouted Communism was wrong in the same type of places in America where now there is rioting and burning and violence going on. Now I became a mother and understand about a mother’s heart, and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 when the Mother of Peace toured America, I spoke to women on the street and really said “Now we need to make peace like such a mother: she had 14 children & raised them up and as mother knew how to make harmony and love which we need for a peaceful society and world with a mother’s heart.”

During Covid I am in online Community College and learned Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and how they did. Because Gandhi loved God and he loved people, through his campaigns of non-violent resistance he was the first one to make the sun set on the British Empire by letting India become free. This inspired Martin Luther King who said he could realize “Gandhi resisted evil with as much vigor and power as the violent resister, but resisted with love instead of hate”. In this way Martin Luther King caused the passage of the largest Civil Rights Legislation in American history through actively leading many campaigns of non-violent resistance to the evil of racism.

But when I saw these violent protesters break things, pull down statues, set fires, but they don’t have any heart, that is the question, to love people, to love the community. They don’t know how this country has been guided by God and many people’s sacrifice. They really believe social progress will come through conflict and violence, but as Mother’s we need to tell them it is only multiplying the existence of violence and bitterness in our nation and is tearing us apart. As mothers and sisters and daughters we have to protect America and once more trust in God as it says on our dollars .

What’s the track record of those who keep telling us today that social progress comes through conflict?  The 2020 Memoir Mother of Peace says “During the 70 years since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, as communist governments took control of a third of the world’s population, the blood of hundreds of millions of people has been shed. At long last, the Soviet Union lowered its red flag, its atheistic worldview discredited. When the Soviet dictatorship declared its own demise, the communist assertion that progress takes place through class conflict, struggle and hatred, was revealed as totally false.”

The Mother of Peace is telling us that God is now calling on all women to “serve as the mediators of forgiving, purifying and regenerating grace” As women we must totally reject the false assertion that social progress takes place through conflict, struggle and hatred and through our love and good families and social activism, like any good family we should work hard and actively to live together in one harmonious Community beyond race, nation and ideology .