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Stop the roll-out of 5G cell sites in all residential neighborhoods in the US. We must do this as a precautionary measure until the proof that 5G is dangerous and is fully researched and established as a carcinogen. Currently, RFR/EMF from smart meters, WIFI, 4G cell towers and making some EMF sensitive people sick. There is no question 5G will be affecting more people and will be causing great damage to children, insects and our environment. Help us. We are petitioning the Algonquin Village Board for a 2 year moratorium on 5G in residential neighborhoods. Here's our Petition:          

                             MOTHERS AGAINST 5G COMMUNITY GROUP


Whereas, the below signed resident of the Village of Algonquin (or friend of the Village) as Petitioner, hereby requests the Board of Trustees of the Village of Algonquin to enact a two (2) year moratorium period on siting/ allowing/permitting 5G small cell sites to be located or planned to be located in residentially zoned neighborhoods in the Village of Algonquin.

To support such action, the Trustees recognize the scientific research, papers and reports showing the following serious public health risks:

1.Each small cell can have over a thousand antennas that are transmitting simultaneously.
2.Scientists worldwide are calling for a halt to the 5G roll-out for health concerns.
3.Cumulative daily radiation exposure poses serious public health risks.
4.Property values drop up to 20% or more on homes near or adjacent cell towers.
5.Scientists warn that 5G frequencies can be highly absorbed into human sweat ducts.
6.US National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study finds “Clear evidence of Cancer” and DNA damage.
7.Cell tower radiation is linked to damage human blood.
8.Published Scientific Review on 5G finds adverse effects to DNA integrity, cellular membranes, protein synthesis, neuronal function, sperm damage and immune dysfunction.
9.Cellular radiation adversely impacts bird navigation and bee behavior.
10.The FCC is a “captured” governmental agency that is completely staffed with former Telecommunications Association employees and as a result, is not an independent government agency protecting the American Public.
11.FCC’s Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) acceptable limits are 20 years out of date and as a result, are high to provide telecommunication companies with legal immunity from liability. Insurance companies classify 5G as high risk and will not insure telecoms for harm from long term damages.

          *Information provided in part from Environmental Health Trust Website

Whereas, the Petitioner, hereby requests the Algonquin Village Board of Trustees enact all ordinances, laws and other actions to place into immediate effect said above two (2) year moratorium of 5G cell sites in residential neighborhoods in the Village of Algonquin as a measure of caution for the benefit of Public Health. Such moratorium will allow for new studies and reports to determine if the moratorium should be lifted or continued. The concerns from available scientific studies mandate this action for Public Safety and our Environment.

                                      Thank you for your Participation and Support

A $5.00 contribution to support our cause would be very helpful. PayPal to We need to establish a website and form a national organization.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!