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All Mortgage Refi's should follow HARP guidelines

For the past year I have contacted Chase requesting to refinance my current loan with them to get a lower rate (currently paying 6.625%). I was told that I did not qualify for a new loan! I was told that we did not make enough money to qualify for a refinace? I asked them then how am I able to make my monthly payment on time but will not be able to make a new lower monthly payment? I asked to speak to the underwriter but I guess they are locked in a windowless basement in Upstate NY where they do not have access to phones or computers because I was told they do not have the ability to transfer me to the underwriter. Last week when the HARP program was revised to allow more Americans the ability to refinance; I contacted Chase and asked if my loan qualified under the new HARP guidelines and I was informed it did not because it was not a Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac loan - GIVE ME A BREAK! All I want Chase to do is stop punishing their GOOD, non government backed mortgage loan customers and REWARD them by allowing them to qualify for a refinance under the HARP guidelines.

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