Ungender Menstruation

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To all the menstrual product and hygiene brands advocating for menstruation and menstrual experiences to be an open conversation in India,

If blood, pain, and hygiene have never had a gender,

Why should menstruation?
Growing up, we’ve always read,
FEMININE hygiene, 

WOMEN’s products, 

LADY parts, 

FEMALE problems.
And we’re still hearing it,

Still leading all menstruators who aren’t cisgender women,
To feel inadequate, incomplete and invalidated. 

Imagine one single prefix holding the power to erase identities and experiences.
So, simply expanding the feminised nomenclature around menstruation
To a more inclusive vocabulary that truly reflects the spirit of inclusion we stand for,

Can finally stop genderqueer and genderfluid menstruators from feeling

Incorrect in their own bodies,
Excluded from an experience that is also theirs, but perhaps not a mark of their identity.

Therefore, Schbang for Good and Boondh Social Foundation urge you

To become the leaders of change, and ensure that
NO person who menstruates 

Feels like their identity and their menstrual experience 

Has been denied, unrecognised, or trivialised ever again,
Only due to our words, and our limited representation.
Join India’s first ever movement 

to #UngenderMenstruation