The 'impure' movements of the Holy portal

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Maharashtra teacher recruitment 2017

, the sacred portal for the teacher recruitment made for millions of unemployed DED-BEED students in the state is frustrating due to the unholy movements of the portal. This has led to the hopes of qualified job seekers and a lack of discouragement has emerged. Teacher of
the year 2008, the teacherAfter the recruitment, the Right to Education Act 2009 was implemented for the last 11 years. Therefore, the problem of additional teachers in the state is facing problems. While many cases pending approval of the teachers' set up, the State Government has started showing Lollipop of teacher recruitment to DED-BEED unemployed. Teacher's Wisdom and Affirmability Testing was done after collecting the buckle amount every year by the eligibility holders in the name of Teacher Eligibility Test. But there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the eligibility of the eligibilty. It is a matter of pride that the teacher would recruit teachers for dissatisfaction. On 30th May 2017, the portal was renamed as the Portal for the Visible to the Relic Recruitment. After this, the demand for available seats on the lines of e-Tender from the Zilla Parishad, Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation, Private Sector were made. On March 12, 2018, the Government issued a ruling and approved the sacred portal for recruitment of teachers. However, today the sacred portal has not started any consecutive holy movements. There has been an increase in the difficulty of the eligibility since the Holy Portal came. Incomplete movements to register candidate applications on the portal has increased the headache. Candidates enrolling on the holy portal, filling up forms, self attesting copy, draft copy, verification copy, Verify copies, etc. have resulted in number of candidates. The unholy movements of the Holy Portal have not stopped at all. The movements are still zero while the candidates are requested to fill the preference with showing available seats in April. On the contrary, many petitions against the Holy Portal are communicated to the court. Since the court has summer holidays, the court doors are closed till June.
The teacher association is opposing the
problem of additional teachers in the schools of the state while the teachers are recruiting the vacancies. It is opposed by the teachers' teachers in the state. Government schools are being closed by many government officials. In the name of international school, separate seers are being stolen. Additional teachers are on the wind, the graduates of the education department, the central head and the subject teachers' posts are being recruited directly from the working teachers, instead of being recruited. This has prompted teachers' organizations to oppose this recruitment. Meanwhile, due to the absence of sacred portals, the recruitment of holy teachers started, and the teacher's recruitment became farsely.