Victorian Businesses are Screaming for a Plan

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The Victorian Government urgently needs to release it’s proposed plan on how to re-open Victoria commercially whilst maintaining public health and safety. The Andrews Government has remained silent for too long. It needs to start the consultation process with all industries on what is required to reopen our businesses for the long term economic success of Victoria.

Victorian businesses need a timeframe to begin the re-opening process and we need an economic roadmap out of current Covid restrictions. It takes time to come out of a complete shutdown and it takes weeks of planning to make it happen.

We need a government plan released before lockdown ends on September 14 so businesses can also start planning!


Australia’s other states and territories have managed the delicate balance of Covid cluster control together with the lessening of commercial restrictions. This has been achieved with extensive consultation across all business sectors. Where’s your recovery plan Daniel Andrews and when do we get it?


Here are some questions that business owners are desperate to have answers to:

  • Do we go back to Stage 3 immediately after Stage 4 and if so for how long?
  • What support will be given to commercial landlords to enable them to survive this period of rent relief?

  • Are the current curfews going to be removed on September 14?
  • How long do you see masks being compulsory?
  • When can employees return to workplaces and not work from home?
  • When do you see us being allowed to leave our state and enter other states?
  • What further commercial rent relief will be offered and when?
  • Does the government intend on extending Jobkeeper longer than March?
  • When will gyms and swimming pools be allowed to open?
  • What would Covid numbers need to be reduced to for Stage 2 to be introduced?
  • Will there be financial assistance for commercial utilities?
  • When will dancing be allowed at weddings?
  • When will restaurants and venues be able to have over 50 or 100 guests?
  • How many customers can visit a salon at a time in stage 3?
  • How many people can attend a funeral when stage 4 ends?
  • What will be the required square meterage per person for indoor and outdoor venues? 

Answering these questions and developing a plan will help us rebuild the Victorian economy faster.