Make Shooters Nameless!

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With the increasing number of school shootings and no end in sight why are we learning about the shooters through the media? Every time a shooters name is stated in the media he is getting the fame he wanted. The more that happens the more chance that another sick individual will become a copycat. We as a society may not ever agree on gun control. But not glorifying the actions of those who have committed senseless acts of violence should be something we could all agree on. Join me in petitioning all media outlets to tell them to make these shooters nameless. Tell them we don’t want to know their names. We don’t want to see their faces. We don’t want to hear people speculate as to why they did it. We don’t want to know about the trial. From here on and forever more they should all be referred to as Nameless Cowards. Please join me in this effort to #Makethemnameless #Namelesscoward

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