Muhyiddin Please Resign / Muhyddin Letak Jawatan

Muhyiddin Please Resign / Muhyddin Letak Jawatan

5 June 2021
Petition to
Muhyiddin Yassin (Prime Minister of Malaysia)
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Started by james wong

To the Prime Minister of Malaysia :

We, the undersigned, the citizens of Malaysia, urge you to step aside as the prime minister of Malaysia as soon as possible.

Muhyiddin, you and your super-sized Cabinet of more than 70 ministers and deputies have failed miserably in bringing the Covid-19 pandemic under control.

There is a total lack of decisive war-time leadership to combat the current national health crisis.

Malaysia has reported more than 1,000,000 infections and over 12,000 deaths related to Covid-19 over the past 17 months since your appointment as Prime Minister in March last year.

Daily infections have surged from less than 200 in March last year to a record of 20,596 on August 5, 2021.

Many movement control orders ( MCO ) have been implemented with gaffes and blunders and SOPs enforced with sickening double standards in many instances. Parliament was shamefully suspended in January.  

Many Malaysians have lost their jobs and many businesses have shut down with many more on the brink of collapse. Many have lost their lives. 

Malaysians are weeping in pain, agony, frustration and despair under your totally clueless leadership.

Recent developments have unambiguously suggested that you have also lost the majority support in Parliament. Article 43 of the Constitution is clear.   

Muhyiddin, the only honourable course of action for you now is to step aside immediately.

Resign now !



This petition made change with 25,635 supporters!

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