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Air a nationally televised segment on the injustices of eBay.

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I have started this petition to get enough people behind me to convince the producers of 60 minutes, Dateline NBC, 48 Hours, 20/20, and every major news and media outlet to air a segment on the injustices that eBay has perpetrated on the small sellers of the world who have made the online auction site what it is today. It only takes a moment to sign, and from there, I will do all the work putting your opinion in front of the eyes that need to see it. Here, as written by Rich of the Facebook group FORMER EBAY SELLERS, is the information that I will be passing along to the folks who can wake the world up to what is going on........................


1) CEO Donahoe created and instituted the anti-small seller policies and actions at eBay during his reign at eBay since 2008, many of which policies are quasi-legal or possibly illegal, many of which constitute unfair trade practices which favor the big box retailers and are designed to gradually eliminate the small sellers. Among the many policies and actions in place that are adverse to small sellers are the following: the DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) system, Guardrail or Quick Decline mechanism or algorithm which targets small sellers (as does "trending" as well), and now the new Defect rate system which will disproportionately impact small sellers more adversely than big box retailers. Note that none of these existed during eBay's golden years from 1995-2007 and that all of these have been introduced during Donahoe's reign.

2) Big box retailers' feedback and DSR ratings are "scrubbed", just one of many ways in which eBay engages in COLLUSION and favoritism with the big box retailers and Chinese sellers.

3) Small sellers items are often given limited if any visibility to potential buyers on the site, something which eBay admits and actually added to their October 26, 2013 User Agreement. This constitutes TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE and violates the small sellers' REASONABLE EXPECTATION that their items will be made visible to potential buyers in order to be sold.

4) Donahoe should be fired and a CEO put in place who is friendly towards small sellers.

5) DSR system should be done away with, as should Guardrail, trending, and the new Defect Rate system.

6) Wall Street (and hence the investment community) is largely misled by misinformation supplied by eBay.

7) Thousands of small sellers have been unfairly restricted, suspended including between 15,000 purged on August 6, 2013 (which eBay admits) and 40,000 in 2013 alone who were "purged" and this continues. The new Defect Rate is estmated to trigger the suspension (a new purge) of 90,000+ small sellers.

8) Small sellers are migrating to many other online selling sites, including Atomic Mall, Webstore, Bonanza, Etsy, Facebook groups, and many more loctions.

9) Ebay should be investigated by a House/Senate committee with televised hearings and either dismantled or restored to the way it was before Donahoe took over in 2008.

Bear in mind that this is just an outline of the items that a good investigative journalist could probe, as the assertions made here are easily verifiable. We at Former eBay Sellers invite the peoples of the media, and the world, to come join the group, located at where you can read firsthand the many stories of the way ebay has changed the lives of their small sellers for the worse. Please sign, and help us show ebay that we will not be mis-treated by them any longer. Our thanks in advance!...........................IN THE EVENT YOU DECIDE TO SIGN THIS PETITION, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, AS I WILL BE SENDING THOSE TO THE MEDIA AS WELL.

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