We Call For Immediate, External and Public Inquiries into TO's Missing / Murdered 2LGBTQ+

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As a member of Toronto's Diverse Rainbow Community, or its ally, I am concerned with how Toronto Police engage with members of our 2LGBTQ+ communities. I am concerned with how so many Trans and 2 Spirit people have gone missing, and been murdered, for far too long yet nothing seems to change. I am concerned that Bruce McArthur (BM) was able to target and murder at least 5 men, that we are aware of, from the South Asian Community yet no evidence at all was ever found from their disappearances. I am concerned for my safety and that of my fellow community members.  

I, as a resident of Toronto, call upon all levels of government to begin immediate, independent and public inquiries into:

1) How Toronto Police engage with and treat members from our 2LGBTQ+ Communities,

2) How missing persons cases are handled by Toronto Police, and, 

3) Why Project Houston was closed in 2014 without determining what happened to Hamid, Basir and Skanda. Had it been left open could Selim's disappearance in April of 2017 not then been linked to theirs, preventing BM from continuing on his murderous rampage?

So many unanswered questions that CAN NOT wait to be answered. BM was not the first murderer to affect our Diverse Rainbow Communities, and sadly he won't be the last. Lives are at risk today unless something changes. We call for action now.