Stop cigarette butt litter

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The purpose of this petition is to ask your support in challenging all levels of government to take action to stop cigarette smokers littering our planet with their garbage.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency of New South Wales, Australia:

“Cigarette butts are unsightly, toxic and harmful to the environment. They are easily carried in storm water runoff through drainage systems and eventually to local streams, rivers, and waterways. Cigarette filters contain cellulose acetate, a form of plastic that does not readily biodegrade and can persist in the environment.”

As reported in The Guardian June 9 2015:

“A study from San Diego State University suggests one smoked cigarette butt in a single litre of water is sufficient to kill both marine and freshwater fish.”

The damage done by cigarette butt litter is enormous costing millions of public and private dollars to deal with.  The remedy is to stop smokers from littering. WE NEED TO DEAL WITH THIS.

In this month’s civic election in Vancouver both COPE and the Green Party are proposing cigarette venders be required to both display signage describing the damage done by improperly disposed of butts and offer pocket ashtrays for sale.

We need more of this sort of action. We need education. We need public participation.

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Here are links to the two action takers, the Vancouver Greens and COPE (Committee of Progressive Electors). Also one to an article by Dr. Kelley Lee of Simon Fraser University.

Vancouver Green Party:


Dr. Lee’s article:

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