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Join the fight to protect residential community living

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Stop our homes from being destroyed by the unregulated short-stay industry

Residential buildings—our homes—are being turned into unregulated hotels.

  1. Home is where the heart is, but there is no goodwill in the unethical short-stay industry abusing our residential homes. Our inner-city apartments, high-rises, multi-level buildings, and townhouses are being threatened.
  2. It’s destroying the very fabric of our residential community, turning our apartment blocks into unsafe and vulnerable living spaces. 
  3. Unregulated short-term stays are increasing the risk of fires, property damage, noise pollution and anti-social behaviour—jeopardising our security and privacy.
  4. Unregulated short-stay operators don't pay GST or maintenance costs. They have no obligation to protect people from harm.  Don’t let them continue placing our communities in danger.
  5. Inner city homes are not hotels. We want guarantees for the long term security and future of inner-city housing—ensuring a fair, stable, and secure environment for everyone. Let’s stand up for people living in residential apartment buildings.

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Everyone deserves the right to know what’s happening in their own backyard

  1. Australians are subsidising an industry that is avoiding taxes.
  2. It’s your democratic right to stand up for what‘s fair.
  3. Stop unethical landlords leasing apartments for short-stay accommodation in residential buildings and destroying our sense of community.

Join the fight to protect residential community living.  Sign the petition now.

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Community and connections with people are our livelihood

  1. If we don’t cherish and grow our inner-city communities,  Australia will no longer have some of the most liveable cities in the world.
  2. Stand up and tell our politicians that we want planning laws and policies amended to reflect the changing character of inner city living.
  3. We will not be silenced. We will not go unheard. Join our voice and stand up for your residential rights. We live here, and we are here to stay.

Join the fight to protect residential community living.  Sign the petition now.

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The ‘We Live Here’ solution for protecting residential community living

With our collective signatures and voices, together we’ll fight to keep inner-city communities safe and protect our way of living. We won’t stop until our Federal, State and Local Government enforces:

  • regulation of short-term letting in residential apartment buildings
  • minimum stays in line with Residential Tenancies Acts
  • fairness for all in the accommodation industry through compulsory insurance, fire risk and GST obligations
  • unification of local planning laws
  • fixes for deficiencies in the national building code that allow the short-stay industry to operate in residential apartments.

If we don’t act now, the safety and amenity of our homes and communities will be destroyed.

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