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Jerusalem for Palestine

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Jerusalem is a part of holy land and the City of prophets. Jerusalem is the capital city from Palestine. Since 1967, Israel as a colonial country colonized Palestine as a free country. Israel got their land in Palestine cause United Kingdom (UK) given them as an administration country of under the monarchy of UK. Israel is thirsty and greedy for colonize the Palestine's land. Israel claimed this land is from their ancestor after they left from their land and broke Allah's rules. Before prophet Musa came, Israel peoples are very poor and colonized by King Pharaoh from Egypt. Because their suffering, they want to follow prophet Musa and Allah helped them from King Pharaoh's armies. After prophet Musa died, Israel peoples won't to follow next prophets and all prophets will killed by them. They always broke Allah's rules and if they had problems will back to Allah and always on that circle. Allah known what Israel peoples wanted only this world and pleasure. Israel peoples want new land after this holy land didn't give anything to them. Palestine which is don't know about that problem found this land and having children to the next century. They bring Islamic rules and live in peaceful. After dry holy land become more green and having prosperity, Israel peoples came and wanted that land. Palestine peoples tried to defense their rights. They thought that Israel peoples left their land without nothing to grow. But Israel peoples claimed it and until now become more expansion to whole Palestine's land. Zionist (the people who support Israel but not Israel peoples) helped Israel to do that. How you say that Jerusalem is your capital city? This is holy land which is full of history from prophets, for #trump #stupid #president: if you have your chair and lead #america but you can't be our leader. You aren't a God, even you have much money for buy a city. If Israel do it that, we are ready for war in. If you want that city, we are ready for blood on our sword. That only happen in the end of the world but the #timeline is happen from now. We are #moslem and I am #muslimah ready for fight to defense our rights, my bow is ready on my hand and my arrow will stuck on your heart until you are die. #prayforpalestine #prayforjerusalem #fightforjerusalem #westandforyerussalem #wearemoeslem #wearebrother #killtrump #boikottrump #boikotamerica

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