Request for free and fair reshuffling of LBA members, CWC, GCM

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As most of you are aware, recently in a shocking incident, the President of LBA Tsewang Thinles has been accused of being involved in the repeated sexual assault of a minor girl by misusing his influential position. An FIR dated 1st July’ 2019 stands lodged in this regard in the Women’s police station, Leh.
The Senior Vice-President and other Central Working Committee (CWC) members of LBA were apprised of the shocking incident on the 23rd of June’2019 by the Student Unions. However, instead of taking swift and appropriate action, they tried to hush up the matter and shield the accused. Unsurprisingly, the accused is understood to have left Leh and is absconding since!
Moreover, after a criminal case was registered against the accused, the CWC, LBA hastily sacked the President and replaced him with the Senior Vice President for the remainder of the tenure. This move was made without the due consent of the General Council Members (GCM), which is unconstitutional.
It is also to be noted that current Executives of LBA, including the accused, are known to be working in tandem as a close group since many years in the LBA. This would explain their hesitance in taking any action against the accused before the FIR was lodged and the issue came out in the public domain.
The LBA has announced a GCM meeting on the 10th July’2019. Due to a general public apathy, and a strong organizational foundation at the grassroots, in most probability, the present self-appointed President’s appointment will be ratified, and the co-conspirators of the CWC will continue holding office.
The unchallenged and unquestioned reign of the current dispensation has led to the severe degradation of the sanctity of this prestigious organization, and left it vulnerable to nepotism, corruption, and arbitrary and shameful actions like in this case.
Therefore, it is extremely important to dissolve the CWC and prepare the grounds for a fresh, free and fair election to elect people with exemplary credentials and impeccable reputation to save the prestige of the Buddhist people of Ladakh.
In light of the above facts and issues, we appeal to people of Ladakh to come forward and help us in getting justice for the poor victim, and also rescue the LBA from the clutches of few vested interests bringing great shame and disrepute to Buddhist community of Ladakh. Let us set an example, so that, in future, no sister or daughter would have to undergo such trauma and pain in silence and fear.

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