Pass the Safe Neighborhood Streets Bill (HB 1287, SB 1023)

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Amanda Merck
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Speed is one of the lead killers on Texas streets, like drunk driving and distracted driving, yet our state and local policies encourage Texans to drive too fast. If a person is hit by a car going 20 mph, they have a 95% chance of surviving, but speeding up to just 40 mph means only a 15% chance of survival. 750 people die every year in Texas from "speed related" crashes - two people every single day.

Every Texas kid deserves the freedom of playing in their yard and walking around their neighborhood without the fear of dying in a high speed car crash. Unfortunately, Texas law sets a 30 mph speed limit on our little neighborhood streets, a speed at which half of people hit will die or suffer horrible injuries.

We want to lower the prima facie speed limit - the default for little streets without a posted speed limit - from 30 to 25 mph. And Texas cities need to be allowed to use safe design speed policies to build modern streets and neighborhoods that are safe for our growing population. The Texas legislature should reduce the prima facia speed limit and allow cities to use 20 mph streets without cumbersome, expensive bureaucracy.

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