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Stop the demise of Kenya by self serving politicians.

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Kenya is the 12th best country in Africa, according to this year’s Good Country Index which looks at progress in science and technology, culture, international peace and security, world order, planet and climate, prosperity and equality, and health and well-being.

This is about to change if something is not done soon. Judging from the language used by some politicians and citizens, it is like they are sounding the war drums. And elections or not, they are not ready to do the right thing.

I appeal to all Kenyan well-wishers to please help spread this message to Kenyans to keep calm and to work as usual. Nobody can destroy Kenya unless Kenyans let them. It is to human beings and politicians included to have different opinions. Most countries do, but they do not incite the people. We have seen many examples and is still happening today, that war has not helped and it is never the answer.

Kenyans, please do not let politicians destroy our country. Kenya is a good country and we have good things going on. The country’s economy is already suffering and many businesses are in limbo awaiting elections. Vote, when the election day, but do not take part in riots that will only hurt you. Most of the people rioting are the people who have nothing to loose and are the first to die when war breaks out. For a normal person who is trying to make ends meet and feed their families, is it worth it? Remember that if war breaks out, the politicians who are sounding the war drums will be long gone with their families and the poor people will end up in refugee camps. Kenya has always had refugees in refugee camps and that is not a place to end up living in.


Thank you.

Lucy Mukuria

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