GoK should issue new e-passports in Canada, not Washington DC, USA!

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The Government of Kenya has asked Kenyan citizens to replace their soon to be phased out passports with new e-passports and


Kenyans living in Canada have been directed to travel to Washington DC in the US to provide their biometric data and apply for these new passports,

We the undersigned find this directiive unacceptable because:

1. It is unaffordable for some - especially for our students and others that have not yet found stable income

2. Our contribution to National development is well documented through diaspora remittances to our economy and the least we can expect is consideration for such services

3. There is a Presidential directive that Kenyans should receive services wherever they are found and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should make every effort to comply

4. The Huduma number application process, which includes collection of biometrics has been done in Canada by the Kenyan High Commission -It is not clear why this cannot be done for e-passports.

Therefore, we call upon the Government of Kenya to make arrangements to provide this service to us - within Canada.