Allow Crypto Currencies in App for Apple’s App Store

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Apple has been very strict in the crypto currencies that are allowed to be used in applications downloaded from the Apple App Store. Currently there are only about 6 crypto currencies authorized by Apple.


This petions goal is to show that utility tokens and crypto currencies in general have great demand from developers of iOS and the users of the App Store. Utility tokens and crypto currencies provide a unique way for developers to monetize their hard work and also bring greater value to Apples. Today’s current monetization models for apps is either charge for premium unlockable content or inundate an app with adds. Adding utility tokens can create unique experiences while also facilitating micro transactions that users can be paid for or pay for premium content.

We have had the debate on how apps can monetize through crypto currencies and utility tokens.

Up until now there has not been a solution. But today there is a solution and if successful it can truly revolutionize how developers and users can be compensated for their time and hard work while also bringing more users to the Apple App Store for an amazing experience. 


That solution is KIN. A utility token that allows all developers for being compensated without relying on ad revenue. Currently only the giant tech companies are able to monetize their apps without have ad banners in their apps. Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, Google. These companies dominate the App Store while smaller companies can not compete. Small apps either get copied by these companies or can’t compete financially and die out. Let’s change this unfair adavantage and allow all users and developers to fairly participate and be compensated in the world of apps dominated by monopolies. Apple can make this happen. We just need to be given the chance to prove how successful this can be and truly change the world of Apps for the better. Please sign this petition and let’s get everyone compensated fairly.