Demand Business Interruption Payout

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Thank you for signing but please stop donations

Thank you everyone for signing and circulating the petition asking our insurers to honour our business interruption claims. We have built great momentum with close to 3000 supporters so far. It is good to see our industry working in solidarity!

Please stop donations. We were not aware that you were being solicited for donations. The pop up kicked in automatically once we hit a critical mass of signatures. We are in contact with right now to determine whether you can get refunds as their pop up was misleading. It is not a feature that we can turn off on our dashboard.

From what we can ascertain, for each donation, 50 cents will go to and 50 cents is a transactional fee. We will determine whether you are able to get a refund as this was not made clear. Failing that, we will put the funds where you would like them to go, such as lobbying efforts via the CAO/provincial colleges or legal action the group wishes to undertake in future.

Our sincere apologies for this confusion.

Teddy & Noreen Chung

Teddy Chung
1 year ago