Injustice to the mandate given by voters of Maharashtra

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That it is submitted recently the Maharashtra  Assembly’s elections were held on 21/10/2019.

That in the said assembly election ,the MAHA-YUTI comprising of Bhartiya Janta Party, Shivsena, Republican Party of India (A), Shiv Sangram, Rashtriya Samaj Paksha and Rahate Kranti Sanghatana contested the elections against Maha- Aghadi and other all political parties in Maharashtra.

That In the election the voters of Maharashtra voted as per their selection.

That The results of Assembly Election declared on 24/10/2019 by Hon Election Commission of India.

That as per the result of Assembly Election the Bhartiya Janta Party got 105 seats, the Shivsena got 56 seats, Nationalist Congress Party got 54 posts, Indian National Congress got 44 seats and in other remaining 29 seats, 13 were independent candidates.

That as per the results of the election,  MAHA-YUTI won 162 seats out of total seats 288.

That It means  the MAHA-YUTI won the mandate of the people of Maharashtra by passing the magic figure of 144.

That the pre alliance of MAHA-YUTI  compromising of BJP-SHIVSENA and other 4 political party went to voter together for getting mandate.

That the  voters of Maharashtra conveniently voted in favour of MAHA-YUTI and therefore MAHA-YUTI won the mandate in assembly elections.

That It is to be noted when the alliance of Maha-Yuti won the mandate then all the political parties  of Maha-Yuti supposed to form the Government in Maharashtra and it is mandatory for all of them to form the Government in Maharashtra.

That components of Maha-Yuti can not now run away from alliance and form the Government with other political parties.

That the confidence of voter is of greatest importance and when it was in favor of MAHA-YUTI then the government of Maharashtra should be in place under the leadership of MAHA-YUTI.

That in the democracy the importance of voter is of greatest value.

That the vote is having a significant role in the democratic India.

That the mandate given by the voter in Maharashtra showed in favor of MAHA-YUTI so all the political parties of it have the immense responsibility of forming new Government and no political party of MAHA-YUTI can not run away from it.

That the people of Maharastra is facing different types problems and the solutions for it  can be only from a stable Government.

So the problems of all the people of Maharashtra can only be solved by forming a new stable Government by MAHA-YUTI as the mandate of the people of Maharashtra is in their favor.