Need A better coach. Constantine's policy not working #ConstantineOut

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Recently there has been a lot of questions on the strategy and team selection decision made by Stephen Constantine the current coach of Indian National Football Team. Players who deserve to be there in the National team are not being selected. Also the long ball playing strategy of Constantine is not working. If this continues to happen we will not be able to compete at higher level and our ranking will soon start to deteriorate than what it currently is and we might soon get back to ranking of 174. All of this was evident from the team selection and Final game of Asian Cup Qualifiers against krygyzstan. It is only because of Sunil Chhetri and 2-3 more players that our ranking has improved. Sunil didn't play in the game again Krygyzstan and it was totally evident that the team wasn't able to perform. Team will continue with this coach but for how long is the question?? Will 2-3 players step up everytime to help save Constantine his job.  This is not the answer to solution. So we need Constantine to be removed from the post of coach of Indian National Football Team as soon as possible so that players who deserve to be there are selected and also the playing strategy of team is improved.

It is a Kind request from everyone reading this to sign this petition so that it can help the Indian Football team and keep the people inclined towards this beautiful game of football and towards the support of Indian Football.